Geovent manufature and distribute a wide range of components for fume and smoke extraction and ventilation systems. We remove polluted air at its source - and in doing so, we prevent that exhaust fumes from the cars in the garage or smoke and fumes from a welding process - from polluting the clean air in the room.

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Vehicle exhaust extraction systems


Welding fume extraction arms


Vehicle exhaust extraction nozzles

Centrifugal fan/extraction, filter dust and fume extraction etc. 


Heat-recovery air handling units 


Cartridge dust collector, cyclone dust collector, industrial dry vacuum unit 

Filter fume or oil mist extractors, mist eliminator etc.


Frequency controller for fans, monitoring regulation system, flow monitoring system


Fans, extraction arm, filter, high pressure unit for ATEX

Extractor hood

Polyester, fabric, fiberglass, PVC, polyester hoses

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